Our team consists of a tightly knit expert group of content creators, CG artists, VR developers, interior designers and marketers. We share a passion for making your product stand out and empowering you to better conquer your market. Your satisfaction is our promise. Providing impeccable service with timely exectuion in an industry plagued with unreliable contractors is our signature, and what makes us stand out from the crowd.


We firmly believe that the number one problem in creative business today is the lack of dependability. From unmet deadlines and poor communication, to underwhelming  product quality - we've witnessed it all. A business such as yours depends on timely execution and stellar deliverables to make sales and close deals. We've been in the industry for years and understand what it means to be the backbone in a fast paced business world. With us, you have the advantage over your competitors with a team that stands by its exceptional punctuality, clear communication, and impeccable product quality. Whether it means putting in overtime or skipping a weekend, a satisfied client and timely work is our number one priority.


- 2D interior & exterior images

- 360 panoramas, tailored and customizable 3D-tours

- Animation video production with any visual aftereffects (VFX)

- VR walkthroughs with freedom of customization, including interactive elements

Alex Moshkin

Co-founder, CBDO

Max Bilida

Co-founder, CEO

Ivan Masanin

Co-founder, COO, senior CG artist

Andrey L.

CG artist

Roman S.

CG artist

Masha M.

CG artist

Michael N.

CG artist

Aleksandr T.

CG artist

Alena Bulataya


Ali Alimbetov

Local Project Manager, Dubai

Kirill Zaitsev

Local Project Manager, NY, USA